Friday, September 9, 2011

25mm snow bases tutorial pt. 1

Taken as-is from my blog. Even though Gareson doesn't really like the models I use here, or the company that makes them, I love to play around with them :)

When working with 25mm bases, there is not much to do with them, considering their small size, and the way most models connect to them, effectively taking 30% of the surface, or even more.

For this squad of Space Wolves I decided to make simple rough terrain covered with snow.

The first and most important part is to make raised for the minis, so they dont look like they are sinking into the ground.

I start it off with the bases, and a strip of card cut from the super glue packaging (recycle as much as you can is my moto!)

To position it all i Use little blobs of blu-tack on the model's feet

Stick the card squares that more or less match the size of model feet

And glue it to the base.

Remove the model, remove the blu-tack, and you have your base with the raiser.

Finally just trim the raiser to fit the base

Here are all of the bases with their raisers:

One of the reasons I take these photos, is to easily match the model to its base once the bases are done :)

The texture on the bases is done with some simple textured craft paint. I use the black one since its easily drybrushed to lighter shade, and black out of the box is a very good to simulate paved roads:

And here are some bases with the texture applied. Now just to wait for the texture to dry, and I can go on painting and applying snow :)

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