Friday, September 9, 2011

25mm snow bases tutorial pt. 2

Once the texture paste is dry, it was time to start painting (or drybrushing)

First I did a layer of dark grey, then mid grey, and finally light grey. Last touch was done with almost pure white. The card was also painted dark grey, and later on stippled with lighter grey (not shown in the photos unfortunately).

The exact colors i used are:

1. Dark Grey = codex grey : chaos black : ultramarine blue in 2:1:1 ratio
2. Mid grey = codex grey : ultramarine blue in 2:1 ratio
3. Light grey = codex grey : ultramarine blue : skull white in 2:1:1 ratio

The light grey is curiously similar to Space Wolves Grey, so I guess i could have used that as well. The actual paint used is Americana craft acrylic paint that I use for all bulk work. Codex grey is called Slate Gray, and Chaos Black is Lamp Black in that rage. Ultramarine blue is still Ultramarine (smurf) blue

When the bases were all drybrushed and nice, I painted the rims in pure black, drilled pins for each model, and stuck them on the base.

The snow product used is the Army Painter Battlefields show mixed with generic white pva glue

I applied the snow paste in a blob. spread it with a wooden spatula, and once I was happy with how it looks, I just dipped it in snow flock tub. The results are pretty nice as you can see :)

This would sum up the tutorial for 25mm snow bases :)

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  1. Another great tutorial...I really like the effect you achieved there!