Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome! Just the Bases Has Launched.

Welcome to "Just the Bases", a blog dedicated to making custom bases for miniature wargaming figures.  There are few things as a sad as a beautifully painted mini on a plain, plastic base...we're here to help you change that.

What can you expect to see on "Just the Bases"?
-Various tutorial articles on how to make your own miniatures come to life with simple basing techniques. 
-Pictures meant to inspire your base crafting.
-A wide array of themes representing many different environments for your bases(desert, stone, winter basing, forest, etc.).

Our goal is to become a repository of basing ideas for you to access as you put the finishing touches on(or are building) your miniature.  

We'll certainly "dress up" this site's obviously a bit stoic right now...but look for plenty of things to be happening here right around the corner.  

Happy Wargaming Everybody!

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